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$249,000 USD

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Estibot Appraisal - $340,000

I originally acquired this previously unused domain in 1994 to use for my business servicing Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs).  It has been in my possession ever since, although I haven't used it for that purpose for the last 8 years.  While I did, it was easy to keep it at the top of Google search results and it brought in a lot of business for me, including several prestigious NASA contracts.

Why am I selling?
I've been wanting for the last few years to develop this site for internet marketing but because of other projects and family demands  I haven't been able to get around to it.  It has great potential and I receive requests almost daily to sell it.  I'm willing to take the amount above for a little while.  Eventually, if it doesn't sell, I'll find the time to devote to it and know I'd have an easy time increasing its value many times over.  In the mean time, I'm willing to give someone else that opportunity because I'm not sure when I can get around to it.

What can it do for you?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is probably the most lucrative market for this domain.  This term is largely undefined and generally thought to just involve search engines like Google, using them to market your company through various ad buys and SEO.

"A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web"... Wikipedia

By the above definition virtually everything on the Web, other than individual retail and corporate profile sites, is a search engine.  Social media sites allow you to find those with similar interests or share information with friends and family, in an easy to find way.  Dating sites help you find mates.  Mapping, travel, real estate sites the list goes on, but nearly every service on the Web is actually a search engine.  The holder of this domain has an opportunity to define themselves as an authoritative source for virtually all of internet marketing. A big job, but a potentially huge value.

How does this offer work?
Very simply, if you see the potential and want to spend the cash, we deal directly with each other, no brokers or lawyers needed - you are buying only the domain name.  Escrow will be handled through Escrow.com and will cost only an additional $2,216.10 if you are in the U.S. (current fees as of this writing).  Only cash offers will be considered and I will probably not respond to any questions and definitely will not entertain any offers less than the fixed amount listed above.  First to get to escrow wins, there will be no bidding up the price.

Scroll down to the contact form if you seriously want to buy this domain name.  Give me your name, email address, phone and tell me what you want to do and I will respond as soon as I can.

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